Urban Beauty Shopping Guide: 15 Bay Area Black Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

It’s finally here! The Urban Beauty Shopping Guide for 15 of the Bay Area’s best Black women-owned beauty brands to support. Enjoy this list our top favorite beauty picks! We are so proud of each of these inspiring and successful #BeautyBosses and encourage you to support them as they build their beauty empires!

DOPE Lash™

2016 Urban Beauty Award winning beauty brand, DOPE Lash™, is the ultimate beauty accessory. No look can ever be complete without a pair of quality 100% mink or human lashes. CEO and Founder of DOPE Lash™, Mizz. Collins, is an internationally certified Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician who has been lashing beauties all over the SF Bay Area.


Indulgence Couture

Founded by Oakland Native and makeup enthusiast Lesley Giselle, Indulgence Couture prides itself on offering Women of Color a wide range of quality lip colors that are complimentary to all shades and gorgeous!



Beija Flor Naturals

Beija Flor Naturals has been a beauty staple in the SF Bay Area for nearly a decade. Owner Stevonne has created a vegan/vegetarian product line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair. Quality natural products are handmade,customized and made to order with love.



GlōGirl Cosmetics

GLŌGIRL Cosmetics is an edgy, fun lip brand for anyone looking to bring out their inner GLŌ. Founding creator and make up artist, Tosca, an industry insider; started GLŌGIRL Cosmetics in 2014. Tosca decided to create her own brand of make up starting with a unique high pigmented lipstick formulated in a sleek modern case merging urban trend with sophistication. These long lasting, Vitamin E enriched lipsticks are available in a vivid range of colors that reflect mood and style.



Kiss My Butter™

Kiss My Butter, founded by Alicia Vaca, is an all natural, handcrafted line of Organic Raw Shea Butter, blended with organic and essential oils, whipped into luxurious body butters, face cream and deodorants. Not only does her products contain the highest quality of ingredients, but her company is also environmentally conscious;using materials which are recyclable and will not harm the environment.



Natural Splendor

Founded by sisters Dawn Shaffer and Robin Rogers, Natural Splendor is a family owned and operated company based in Oakland,CA. Their hair care collection is specifically formulated and designed to support the health of kinky, curly, and coily hair types. Inspired by their community, they believe healthy natural hair is good hair and encourage and support the global movement of women returning their natural texture!



Soapy Faith Soap Co.

Soapy Faith is an Inspirational Natural Glycerin Soap Co. owned and operated by two sisters, Krystal & Brittney. Their soaps are 100% glycerin & natural, containing NO parabens, sulfates or chemicals, so they are sensitive & gentle on the skin! Each bar is created with love & made in small batches to maintain highest of quality and freshness. BUT what’s makes their bars special, is that each one comes packaged with a positive affirmation inside, to uplift and inspire its user!



Ar’Simonne LLC

Ar’Simonne LLC is a natural hair and skin care line infused with nourishing herbs to give your hair and skin the extra love & care it deserves. Founded by Crystal Coats-Miller, Ar’Simonne’s product line is versatile with something for the entire family.




CURLEE, founded in 2013, is a SF Bay Area based beauty company specializing in hair products that have a unique blend of top quality ingredients and unique fragrances at an every-day affordable price.   “Reclaim Your Curl”.




Poof It

Invented by Jennifer Harris, Poof It is a 100% satin hairstyling accessory that takes the stress out of breaking hair ties and damaging hair. This amazing styling tool provides effortless styling opportunities for women with naturally curly/kinky hair  and can be used to create afro puffs, buns and ponytails.



The Healing Place Apothecary

Founder and formulator for The Healing Place Apothecary, Nubian Flunder, has created a skin and hair care product line that is rooted in holistic principals. Based in Oakland, CA, her products are produced locally and in small batches using premium natural ingredients.  Her brand seeks to bridge the gap between the modern world and the natural world.



Feed your curls with Avocurl! The only avocado-infused haircare line that brings out the beauty of your curls and helps keep them healthy at the same time! Founder Jasmine Curtis has created a product line that is handcrafted using essential oils, rich butters, edible ingredients, the “Super-Fruit” avocado & a lot of love for our curls!



Liquid Courage Cosmetics

Self-proclaimed tom boy turned beauty enthusiast, Roshell Rinkins, is the mastermind behind the Liquid Courage Cosmetics beauty brand. Positioned as the beauty brand of choice for modern & upwardly mobile women, her cosmetics line boasts vibrant pigmented lip lacquers & matte lip sticks.


Socialite Jewelry and Accessories

Danielle Talley, Owner of Socialite Jewelry and Accessories is taking the SF Bay Area by storm with her highly pigmented and moisturizing collection of Lip Glazes! They come in an assortment of vibrant colors, and compliment women of all skin tones. GLAZE N’ SHADOWS, a liquid eye-shadow with amazing pigmentation, is the newest addition to her expanding beauty line. It promises a super easy application and can be used on your lips as well.

Instagram: @socialitejanda

Facebook: @socialitejanda

The Black Market Group

The Black Market Group is a skincare boutique that creates natural, handmade and luxurious vegan soaps, shea butters, and sugar scrubs. Whether you are looking to enhance your daily skincare routine or just want something to help you relax tired, sore muscles after a long work week, Founder and Creator Brandy Varnado encourages you to indulge yourself with The Black Market Group products.



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