The Beauty Voyage Pop-up Master Class Review

Bay  Area beauty pros and enthusiasts gathered this past Sunday at Glam SITY Beauty Bar for The Beauty Voyage Pop-up master class in Oakland.  Created  by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert, Meko White, The Beauty Voyage master class serves as a platform to deliver education and empowerment to both aspiring and seasoned beauty  professionals looking to take their makeup artistry careers to the next level. Sunday’s event was the first of many to come.


The doors opened at 1pm and guests were invited to partake in an assortment of goodies, while
networking and shopping local vendors. DOPE Lash was in the building showcasing their fierce mink lashes,
as well as Beauty by Anysia, who displayed some beautifully vibrant lip colors. The program began with a brief introduction of Meko’s special guests, Makeup Artist and Beauty Pro, Eric Canes and Owner of DOPE Lash and Esthetician, Rabiah Collins.  Guests were then informed that the program would be broken into 3 main segments, showcasing different looks on each model.

Rabiah Collins Owner of DOPE Lash

Rabiah Collins Owner of DOPE Lash

Rabiah Collins lead the program with a lash application demo, while educating guests on the importance of maintaining both our own and faux lashes.

Here are 5 of my favorite “Pro Tips”:

  1. Placing glue on something else to let it get tacky will help the lashes adhere better
  2. When looking in the mirror, look up instead of straight ahead
  3. Apply your liner before your lashes; will serve as guide for lash placement
  4. Select lashes according to your event
  5. Trim lashes from the outside inward to preserve the shape of the lashes

BONUS: Do NOT  use weave glue! You will lose your lashes!

Following the lash demo, MUAs Meko and Eric tag teamed to create stunning looks on 3 models, providing step-by-step instructions on how to achieve flawless results. Topics covered included skincare prep, professional tools selection, and of course the highly anticipated subject of highlighting and contouring.

GlamSity Beauty Bar

Beauty Expert, Eric Canes


I particularly loved how interactive the class was; guests were encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback throughout the event.  The master class not only consisted of makeup tutorials, but also included tips on how to build  a successful career as a beauty professional in the makeup industry. Each Artist shared their personal journeys, and encouraged the audience to build on the basics. Meko White, who is known for her ability to produce makeup art that is trendy and transformational, with a natural appeal, particularly focused on techniques that get artists “paid”.

Meko White

Celebrity MUA & Beauty Expert, Meko White

Some of my favorite Pro Tips included:

  1. Moisturize and prime the skin to provide a smoother texture and lasting hold.
  2. Blend, blend, and blend some more! –Blending is key to a flawless finish.
  3. When working with liquid liner, place one dot on the side of each eye to use as a guide and keep things even.
  4. To prevent makeup from moving. Use a setting spray.
  5. Shining a flashlight above your head can help you find your natural highlight zones.
  6. Palmolive works wonders on brushes and the Beauty Blender!

the beauty voyage master class

The event concluded with MUA Eric Canes demonstrating  a high fashion makeup look on his final model. Looking around the room, I could see that everyone had been taking notes. Judging from the smiles and audience participation throughout the event, it’s safe to assume that everyone enjoyed themselves. Overall, the event was well attended, packed with loads of knowledge, and executed beautifully. If you missed this event, we encourage you to make sure you catch the next one!

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