Kia Fay Styles Salon Review : San Jose, CA

Kia Fay - Owner

Last October, during our annual Urban Beauty Event, I had the pleasure of meeting local Bay Area Hairstylist and Curl Consultant, Kia Fay. The first thing I noticed about her was her bountiful and beautiful golden curls. They were perfection personified! After chatting with her about her lovely locks, she shared with me that she would be opening her brand new salon soon; I was elated! After nearly 3 months post grand-opening, I was finally able to book my first appointment with Kia.   I can honestly say that this has been one of my most favorite salon experiences thus far!

I arrived for my 3pm beauty appointment on time, and was cheerfully greeted by Kia, who met me at the door and led me to her private salon suite. Upon entering her suite, I was offered a cool beverage and invited to hang up my coat. My first impression of the salon was that it was impeccable. It was beautifully decorated, clean and organized. I could tell that Kia was a professional who paid close attention to detail; something that I greatly appreciate.

After our initial consultation, Kia led me to the shampoo bowl.  I was able to recline and relax while she provided an enjoyable shampoo, detangling, and conditioning experience. What I enjoyed most about her technique was that she never used a comb. She took her time to carefully finger detangle my hair without pulling or being rough.

Because my hair was extra dry, (this weather has wreaked havoc on my curls, Ladies), I was given a deep conditioning treatment using a hooded dryer. Once the conditioner was rinsed, I was back under the hooded dryer, and on to styling.  Kia has an incredible amount of passion for her craft. When she is styling your hair, she makes sure that each and every curl receives equal amounts of love. She took her time during the styling process, gently diffusing and molding my curls; I enjoyed watching her work and learning about at home care as well.  Because she provides a personal, one-on-one, private studio salon experience, my overall appointment time was less than 2 hours; that included the consultation, fun girl chatting, and the service. I repeat, I did NOT have to block out an entire day on my calendar for this appointment.

After a few snips to some of my straggly curls that refused to get in formation, I was on my way. I left Kia Fay Styles feeling pampered, beautiful, and
excited for the rest of the evening.  But wait… there’s more! Kia promptly followed up with me after my appointment to ensure that I was loving my new look and also provided a very detailed outline of the products she used during my visit and  how I can recreate my look at home! Five star service Ladies! She receives the Urban Beauty stamp of approval!


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