Vic Styles: Authenticity and Inspiration

Amidst the sea of bloggers, stylists, designers and editors that come and go with the wind, Vic Styles is a force in the fashion atmosphere that has not only maintained her authenticity – she’s turned her passion for fashion into a full blown career that inspires.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Victoria Sanders now lives in Los Angeles and has taken on the oh-so-chic moniker Vic Styles. She’s swept the industry by storm and her claim to fame is that of a true fashion maven: wardrobe stylist, costume designer, natural hair enthusiast, style blogger and Fashion Editor of CRWN Magazine. She began styling 6 years ago which lead to her starting her blog ,The Vic Styles, 4 years ago. One constant that flows throughout her blogs, aside from her chic personal style, is how authentic her voice is. “My blog is a way to express myself through my own personal style. I encourage women to think outside the box when it comes to style,” she shares. Vic’s candid self expression developed over the yearsvic styles 1she’s been blogging. “I got to a point where I felt the market was oversaturated with girls just posting about their outfits and I felt it was very pretentious and superficial. And then one day, I got featured on Fashion Bomb Daily and for any fashion blogger, that’s kind of a huge deal. Most of the comments were great but 15 to 20 people were like, ‘Her style is great but she wore the same shoes in 3 out of the 10 pictures. So I wrote an entire blog post just on how social media has shaped bank accounts and what’s real and what’s not real. I believe that was the start of me just keeping it real with people”, Vic explains. She writes:

“The harsh reality of social media, and fashion blogging, is that regular people are holding themselves to the same standards that celebrities [and famous bloggers] are held to. I can recall hearing countless friends say “I can’t wear this because I already have a picture of it on Instagram.” Even I am guilty of not wanting to repost the same look more than once. Where did this mentality come from? Why on Earth are people so obsessed with portraying an unlimited wardrobe? As a celebrity stylist I am here to tell you that celebrities and famous bloggers get a majority of their clothes as gifts or loans from showrooms.. thus… they hardly ever recycle what they are wearing. As a blogger I am here to tell you that countless bloggers buy and return items simply to create an illusion of a never ending supply of clothes. As a regular working woman I am here to tell you that I do not have an endless wardrobe. There are [obviously] plenty of times that I re-wear things that I have purchased, and I have no shame in it.”

Prior to any interview, I research my subject to design the most detailed questions possible. I felt connected to how passionate Vic Styles is about fashion with a purpose. And during our interview, when she stated ‘I blog, I love fashion, I’m obsessed with print. I own like 600 magazines. I’ve been collecting magazines since I was maybe 12,’ I related to that passion – the same passion that led her to be Fashion Editor of CRWNMAG, a publication for Black women about natural hair done in an artistic way. CRWNMAG exists to create a progressive dialogue around what it really means to ‘go natural’ in America.vic styles 3
All of these contributions to the community is what makes Ms. Styles a Urban Beauty Network Rockstar! She’s an Entrepreneur that inspires and looks fabulous while doing it! She knows the business of styling so well that last year, she launched an Intro to Styling e-Course – perfect for any emerging or aspiring stylist, personal shopper or costume designer. Vic is has the style savvy to develop such a class because she’s worked on movies, commercials, music videos and award shows and styled celebs such as Big Sean, Mel B, Tia Mowry, Ariana Grande, Tisha Campbell and Jason Derulo. In this online course, Vic Styles dishes on topics such as where to find clients, booking jobs, what should be in your ‘kit’, what the different types of styling are, how to build your portfolio and more.

There’s so much to learn from Ms. Victoria, so we can’t leave out the details of her beauty regimen. “I naturally have bad skin so it takes a lot for me to have pretty, glowing, acne free skin. My diet is my number one thing. I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years and it definitely helps. In the am, I wipe my face with a clean washcloth with cold water – and she never reuses one on my face. “I refresh my skin with apple cider vinegar and if I have any acne, I spot treat with pure tea tree oil. My favorite moisturizer is Camu Camu by DHC. It has a SPF of 20 and I use it daily.”

Makeup Vic can’t live without: Laura Mercier tinted oil free moisturizer, Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and NYX soft matte lip cream. Her makeup routine is super simple. She uses Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, then she contours her cheeks with Shea Moisture Bronzer and she highlights with the Nars Orgasm cream stick. She then uses Too Faced mascara, and Pop O Color on her lips. “All the4 makeup I use is cruelty free and uses no animal testing. None of them have harsh chemicals. I keep my routine fairly simple because I’m not very good with makeup.”

I always say, what you are passionate about will shine through, and Vic Styles exudes this in her blog about Purpose.vic styles 2

“Your purpose will find you, but it is your job to pay attention to the signs and follow them. I created an audience based off of my passion, but I am able to touch them because of my purpose. Your purpose and passion may be one in the same, but if not.. you are the bridge to connect the two. Use your gifts and they will reward you. Make your life full and you will find happiness. Do not be afraid to carve out a space that is for you… you never know who you may be paving the way for. You never know what doors of your life you may be unlocking if you just devote a little energy to the things that you are naturally attracted to. I may only have two hands, but I can change the world with them. So can you.”

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By Ivanna Woods
Creative Director of Fashion Xchange Magazine

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  • Izzy says:

    Great article. I agree that social media imposes unattainable and unsustainable standards which creates anxiety. In my opinion, social media should be taken with a pinch of salt. Vic, I love your pink hair – looks incredible.

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